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March 19, 2011

Follow these Ovation Images make up tips to look flawless like this Pittsburgh Bride!

  • Keep your lips moisturized and colored throughout the day. A bridesmaid should be carrying your lipstick and you should touch up often. Either matte or gloss lipstick is fine. You can also use blended lip liner for enhanced definition.
  • Remember to apply foundation and powder as appropriate to your neck, shoulders and exposed skin above your bust line. Otherwise, your face might have a distinctly different look from the rest of you!

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February 21, 2011

You don’t have to carry a purse on wedding day! Here are some tips to help you carry less and eliminate stress!

  • Tell your bridal party and parents not to wear a watch on your wedding day. Delegate  one bridesmaid to keep track of the time and whisper quietly in your ear only if she sees things getting too far off track. Tell your bridal party and parents that you want it this way to keep stress to a minimum. They will understand and your day will be free of stress-inducing clock-watchers.
  • Delegate one person to keep their cell phone on and answer it at all times (except the ceremony of course!) during your day. Give their phone number to your photographer, your parents and all your vendors so that emergency calls get through while unimportant calls get screened.

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