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April 20, 2011

Want glamourous, high fashion, intimate wedding photography? Well Ovation Images, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers, has all the tips to help you achieve your dream wedding photography…

  • Be sure to allow an hour during your day for intimate photography of just the two of you. Of all your wedding day photography, these images are the ones that will call out to your heart forever. Your children and their children will bring smiles to your face years later as they ooh and ahh over the hot couple in the pictures.
  • A must to know about your photographer is whether or not you like being around them. If you can’t meet with the actual photographer who will show up at your door on your wedding day, then drop that company from your list. You need to know if you want to spend your whole wedding day with this person. You can’t find that out by talking to the smiling sales lady. If you are comfortable around your photographer it will make your photographs more relaxed, natural, and romantic!


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