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January 05, 2013

You definitely DO want two photographers for your wedding. That way one can focus on you while the other one can capture all the things around you that might otherwise go unappreciated–saving those moments for you to enjoy later.

There are dozens of examples of why you want two photographers. Let’s look at your Grand Entrance. One photographer will have to be locked on your and your bridal party coming into the room. But a second photographer will capture your parents cheering wildly, your bridal party sharing the joy, your Aunts hugging and crying–and all the wedding reception mayhem that goes by in one brilliant, white-light flash. If you want well-done, candid story-telling of your day, then you want two photographers.

Two photographers also provide built-in backup for one another. In the case of Ovation Images, we believe that TWO is the magic number for your wedding. So the two of us, both full time wedding professionals, travel in separate cars, each carrying a full set of backup equipment, both fully insured, and both exceptionally well-trained and experienced. We work together hand-in-glove. But in an emergency, either one can act alone to ensure that you have everything you want from your big day. This is what “two photographers” means to us.
Be sure your wedding photography passes the Two Photographer Test. “One photographer and an assistant” will not get the same results as two trained pros. Two photographers traveling in the same car is a risk–what happens if the car breaks down on the way to your wedding? And finally, are both photographers insured? Most insurance policies do not cover anything when only one photographer has insurance. Be sure to ask your wedding photographer what “two photographers” means to them.
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