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January 09, 2013

Sometimes the little things make a big difference. Here are some little ideas we have seen at Ovation Images that made big positive impact for our brides.

1. Massage: If your hair stylist and makeup artist are coming to you instead of you going to them, hire a massage therapist to be there for you and your girls. It will create a spa-like atmosphere–comfortable and fun. And it will give everyone something to do while they are waiting for the other girls to get done.

2. Relax Your Schedule: Plan the itinerary for the whole day…and then insert ADDITIONAL time above and beyond what you have planned, as follows: 30 minutes before the ceremony, 60 minutes between the ceremony and reception, and 20 minutes to “duck out” during the reception. Leave those time slots open. Let the fun and happiness of the day spontaneously fill that extra time. That is your special time for each other or for whatever you want or need to do that may come up unanticipated.
3. Cappuccino and Craft Beer: A cappuccino bar and craft beers in bottles are delightful, fun additions to any wedding reception. It is just these kinds of touches that send people home all warm and happy from a great day with friends and family!
4. Friends With Talent: Dad sings? Brother is a singer/songwriter? One of your bridesmaids writes poetry? Invite them all to be included in the pageant of your day! That personal involvement will make your day extra-special–for them and for you!
Thinking through the little stuff will take your wedding day to the next level!
bridesmaids toasting champagne before the wedding