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January 06, 2015

Smart Romantic Wedding Planning

A good wedding planner is not free. But she saves you SO much that a good planner is worth her weight in gold. And we’re not just talking about money!

You're Engaged!

Once you’re engaged, we recommend that you talk with local wedding planners and get a sense about whether a planner would work for you. Wedding planners are the absolute experts. And like any expert, you must pay for their expertise. They will assemble the right package of services for your wedding, select the best vendors for those services, secure discounts for you on many services and make sure that your wedding day will be memorable for all the right reasons.

Best of all, a professional wedding planner can save your romance!  Face it—pricing chair covers and deciding the exact make-up of the 120 dozen cookies that you need are not the most intimate parts of your wedding! In fact, when you add up all these “little” tasks, with their associated quotes, confirmations, payments, delivery schedules and checking to see that what you paid for is what you got, the romance of the day can easily get buried in detail–and all those details come with constant daily reminders of the cost of a wedding. Don’t let planning overload make romance into the last word you think of on your wedding day. OTOH, if you have the time, are a detail person and love this kind of thing, then go for it—you probably wouldn’t want a planner involved. Otherwise, consider your wedding planning options—meet with a few planners and look closely to see if a professional wedding planner would be a good fit for your wedding.

Here at Ovation Images, one planner we think you will like is SHAYLA HAWKINS at SHAYLA HAWKINS EVENTS {SHE}

Shayla Hawkins Events Logo Pic

Shayla Hawkins Events

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