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Your wedding dress may be the single most important outfit you ever pick, so here is a helpful tip from Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers, Ovation Images, in picking the perfect dress…

Start your wedding dress shopping with an open mind. Try not to have a firm idea of what style of wedding dress you want before you start trying them on.  Let yourself be surprised by how amazing each of the different dress styles can make you look.  Just for fun, try on some styles you wouldn’t normally consider.   Almost like magic, this will help give you an idea how different dress shapes, cuts, and finishes can compliment your shape and help you achieve the look you want.   When you’ve found the perfect dress for you, you’ll know it.  The Ovation Images Recommended Vendor Guide is a good source for places to shop for a wide variety of dresses in Pittsburgh. So call us today and let us send you the guide so you can get shopping!!


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