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Ovation Images Wedding Tip #61:

Hold hands…. a lot! Someone once told me that she and her husband have completely different wedding day memories because they were constantly caught talking to different people. On your wedding day, if you are holding hands you are much less likely to get pulled in seperate directions. Therefore, you will spend the day together, create memories together, and who wouldn’t want to hold the hand of the one the love the most?? After all, your day is about celebrating your love!


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As an added bonus, your wedding photographer will love to capture candid wedding day photos of you holding hands!!

January 19, 2011

A good photographer will ensure that rain does not make a lot of difference to your day or your photography. In fact s/he will use the weather to create fun and dramatic images. At Ovation Images, we always carry 15 big, colorful umbrellas so that we can create fun pictures of you with your bridal party if it rains. A Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer must always be prepared!

fall leaves, rainy wedding day, umbrella, fall wedding

Bride & Groom under Fall leaves

October 28, 2010

“The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting”

~Andy Warhol

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The days leading up to your wedding day can be many things, but most of all those days are exciting!  You count down the days until you finally get to say “I DO”, waiting anxiously, and it seems to take forever…. Let Ovation Images, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers, help! We include an engagement photography session with all of our wedding photography packages. You get to practice for the big day, plus you will get some pre wedding pictures too!

June 30, 2010

“Love isn’t about marrying the person you love, It’s about marrying the person you can’t live without”

At Ovation Images, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers, we want to showcase that love! The person you love, the things you love, and even the puppies you love!

woods, kiss on foreheadThere is true love,

puppies, high heels,

puppy love,

american eagle jeans, hand in back pocket, framingand shiny engagement ring love!