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December 21, 2010

At Ovation ImagesPittsburgh Wedding Photographers, we have seen so many creative ideas on how to make a wedding unique! One of my favorites- Instead of getting the couple to kiss by clinking glasses everyone at a table must stand up and sing a song about love, then the couple will kiss. It is a great way to start the night of with a bang and get everyone having a good time! So take your pick of a Beatles song to get you in the mood!

“Who knows how long I’ve loved you, you know I love you still. Will I wait a lonely lifetime? If you want me to I will.”

“I don’t care to much for money, for money can’t buy me love”

” All you need is love!”

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July 09, 2010

Who says all bridal portraits have to be formal. You aren’t boring and uptight and your wedding photography shouldn’t be either! Let Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers, Ovation Images, show off your personality on your wedding day!!


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