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October 30, 2012

Sam & Dana,  October 20th, 2012:

Ceremony held at:  Sacred Heart Parish in Shadyside, Pa
Reception held at: Sheraton Station Square 
Caterered by: Sheraton Station Square 
Wedding Cake by: Carol’s Cakes
Limo Services from: Shamrock Limousine
Flowers Arranged by: Karrie Hlista
Wedding Dress from: Exquisite Bride
Bride’s Hair by: Serenity Salon
Wedding Planner: Lindsey B. from Hello! Productions

Dana and Sam are an awesome couple who had a wedding day full of love and happiness. Their wedding was beautiful, and the bride was stunning, and the purple accents were perfect for the crisp fall day. Plus, this couple knew how to throw one heck of a party! They surprised both the mother of the bride and the grandmother of the groom with special slow dances, and it didn’t stop there… the groom and his mother broke from a traditional slow dance and sped things up dancing from everything from the wobble to the gangham style dance- it was awesome! Plus, all of their close to 400 guests danced the night away and partied it up a with them. The couple ended the night with a picture perfect dance where all of their guest surrounded them as the newlyweds danced in the middle!

bride in big pink hair curlers getting her makeup done before the wedding putting on mascara and pink eyeshadow

bride getting her hair done before her wedding black and white photo candid moment

bridesmaids zipping up the brides dress

bride pulling up her dress to reveal her garter and white open toed heels

brother of the groom helping the groom with his tie before the wedding

grooms tuxedo lapel with purple tie and vest and cream handkerchief

groomsmen standing in the sheraton station square in front of the pittsburgh skyline

groom and groomsmen posed before wedding black and white photo

portrait of the groom standing in the church aisle with stained glass in the background

father of the bride walking his daughter down the center aisle of the church on her wedding day taken from the back of the church

father of the bride walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day

groom tearing up after seeing his bride for the first time

close up of father of the bride walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day purple flowers

bride and groom looking at each other during their wedding ceremony candid wedding photo


bride and groom leaving the church after they have been married all smiles close up of wedding bands and engagement ring high contrast photo

bridal party walking down the steps at carnegie mellon university in pittsburgh pa royal purple bridesmaids dresses

sepia photo of bride and bridesmaids standing at the carnegie mellon columns in pittsburgh pa

bride and groom kissing with a dramatic lighting silhouette against the carnegie mellon columns in pittsburgh pa

table full of smiling grandparents of the bride and groom and the priest

bride and groom first dance as a married couple nose to nose

close up of flower covered cake with the bride and groom dancing in the background

bride and groom cutting their flower covered cake together

best man standing behind bride and groom sweetheart table giving speech and everyone is smiling

mother of the bride and her daughter slow dancing to surprise dance

groom slow dancing with his grandma during a surprise dance at the wedding reception

mother of the bride and her son doing a surprise fast dance during the mother and son dance

groomsmen dancing with an older woman at the wedding reception

couple in wedding reception photo booth wearing a top hat,  pink hat, sunglasses, and a boa

man and woman in photobooth at a wedding reception wearing a purple hat, pink boa, and throwing up peace signs
bride and groom partying on dance floor at wedding reception and singing into gold microphone

Sam and Dana thank you both so much for allowing us to be a part of your day! We had a great time with you and your guests and wish you both nothing but the best, and a life time full of good memories- and good health, but that shouldn’t be hard with as many doctors as you had in your wedding party!  :)