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January 28, 2013

Have clear goals for your wedding day schedule–and then time things accordingly. Do you want more time for fun with your bridal party? A special photography location? More time alone with Mr. Right? At Ovation Images, we can’t tell you how to plan your day. But we can tell you four common time traps you can avoid!

1. Don’t Start Too Early. Sure it’s heard to sleep in on such a day! But start slowly. Once the day gets going, it will sweep you up in a mind-spinning wedding whirlwind that ends in a haze of last dance euphoria. And you are wearing brand new heels and a dress that feels like it weighs 15 pounds. It WILL be exciting–and exhausting. Conserve your energy.
2. Don’t Allocate Too Much Time For Family Reunion Pictures. Mom wants all the uncles on this side, then that side, then all the nephews and nieces, then…..and YOU have to be in every picture. This is called the “how to miss your own wedding” trap. If Mom has a big family reunion photography agenda, get one of the new breed of “Open Air Photo Booth” where a live photographer takes the pictures and any size group can be accommodated (as offered by Ovation images). Have the DJ tell everyone to be sure and get their picture taken at the Photo Booth. Mission accomplished with no time lost. And everyone will have big fun with it!
3. Don’t Shortchange Your Limo Time. You have smartly allocated extra time for photography at the park or the pillars or your favorite spot in between your wedding and reception. But when that time comes, your limo driver says “well, if we do that, we’re going to run over time and I will have to charge you $175.” Don’t lose your precious photography for want of a ride. Make sure you have enough limo time reserved to accommodate your favorite location photography between your wedding and reception.
4. Don’t Schedule Reception Events Too Late: Don’t put off the dances, garter and bouquet, bridal dance, anniversary dance and any special reception events until late in the evening. People will start to lose focus and leave. At Ovation Images, our recommended reception schedule is: Grand Entrance, cake cutting, first dance (interchangeable), followed by toasts, blessing and dinner. After dinner, do your parent dances, anniversary dance and any events involving the old folks (grandparents dance, memorial dance, etc.).  Now have an open dance floor for 40 minutes. After that, do all your remaining events: garter/bouquet, bridal dance, and so on. Finally, now let your DJ or band open the dance floor for the night. Par-tee!! This is a schedule that ALWAYS works for all your guests–young and old.
bride and groom kissing after outdoor wedding ceremony