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August 19, 2012

 Meet Nick and Marta, soon to be newlyweds! These two will be  married on September 29th, 2012 at Phipps Conservatory Outdoor Gardens. We had a great time shooting their engagement session in and around downtown Pittsburgh, and we cannot wait to celebrate  their wedding day with them! Be sure to check back soon to see photos from their wedding!

city couples portrait

man's portrait in city scene

woman portrait in front of brick wall

city engagement photography

romantic black and white engagement photography

couple starring into one another's eyes

cute engagement photography

couple in love

city engagement photography

woman kissing man on the nose

 Looking great guys! We look forward to capturing more great shots on your wedding day!

July 23, 2012
Liza Donagher and Dr. Matthew Miller were married at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Oakland in July 14th. Liza and Matt smartly hired us to do a stylish bridal session at our Shadyside studio. They each got dressed exactly as they would be on their wedding day and came to the studio to be photographed. Bridal Sessions are a noble old tradition, less followed today, but still very popular in the southern USA.
For the bride, bridal sessions are a great opportunity to see how everything works together. You can use this one moment to roll together your final dress fitting, a make-up test and a run-though with your hair dresser. Liza and her future mother-in-law made a fun afternoon out of the day and we had a great time creating these wonderful images of her!
For the groom, bridal sessions are the perfect time to check your tux and shirt fit, as well as test the different accessory options, if you are using a rented tuxedo. Matt had a funny experience when he got dressed for his session. He stopped into a florist to get a boutineer made, and seeing him in his tux, they politely inquired if this was a “rush order”!!
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Liza and Matt Miller!
bride portrait in studio before wedding day
bridal portrait session in studio before wedding day
bridal portrait session in studio before wedding day
bridal portrait session in studio before wedding day
groom bridal portrait session in studio before wedding day
groom bridal portrait session in studio before wedding day
Be sure to check back soon to see photos of Matt and Liza’s Wedding!
June 16, 2012

Jen and Matt,  June 9, 2012:

Ceremony held at: Seton Hill University Chapel
Reception at: Greensburg Country Club
Limo Services from: Elite Coach Transportation 
Wedding Dress from: David’s Bridal
Bride’s Hair By: Studio 30
Bride’s Makeup By: Allison Roth
Flowers Arranged by: Bloomin’ Genius
Wedding Cake by: Pastor’s Bakery

Jen and Matt had a gorgeous June wedding! They could not have picked more picturesque locations than the Seton Hill University Chapel and Greensburg Country Club– it was so hard to resist posting every single one of their wedding photos! These few photos will have to do to show you the love between these two, some of the prettiest wedding locations in Pittsburgh, and one heck of an awesome party!

glamourous bride getting ready

bride getting ready for wedding

emotional moment between bride and her father

Jen’s dad was very emotional on her wedding day, but who can blame him when he was giving away such an amazing woman?

flower girls and ring bearer in seton hill university chapel

wedding ceremony at seton hill chapel in greensburg pa

Seton Hill University Chapel is easily one of the prettiest chapels in Pittsburgh! Booking this venue was a no brainer for Seton Hill grad, Jen!

black and white wedding ceremony photo

couple exchanging rings at seton hill chapel in greensburg pa

close up shot of wedding bands resting in a pussy willow tree

groom and groomsmen on waterfall in pittsburgh pa

wedding party abby road imitation at seton hill university

bride and groom in flower field

bride and groom celebrating in the street

romantic sunset wedding photography

bride and groom in golden sunset at greensburg country club

bridal party celebrating in limo in pittsburgh pa

bride mom and grandma at wedding

Jen’s grandma was crazy with joy for Jen and Matt and helped make the party big fun!


swirl design wedding cake pittsburgh pa

groom dropped cake down brides dress

greensburg country club wedding reception

guests celebration garder retrieval at greensburg country club

groom leaving reception with bride over shoulders

 Matt and Jen, we would like to extend our sincerest thank you for allowing us to be a part of your magical day! You two could not have been more fun to shoot and we loved your wedding. We hope that you two have a lifetime full of happiness together. Best Wishes!

August 11, 2011
Here are a few quick tips on wedding day make up from Ovation Images, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers. Follow these and you will be picture perfect for your big day wedding photos!!
  • Have your makeup applied (and your hair done) as a test sometime in the month before your wedding. This gives you a chance to guide your makeup artist and hair stylist without any time pressure so they know exactly what you want before you show up on your wedding day. This dry run test will often save time, anxiety and confusion!
  • Schedule your hair and makeup as late in the day as possible. It’s a long day and your hair and makeup have to go a long way. If you have your hair done early in the morning, it is likely that it will not stay the way you would wish for the whole day.
  • Don’t use any glitter. It reflects light in distracting sparkles that are impossible to tell from tiny beads of shiny sweat. Glitter sparkles just have to be removed from your photographs, often at additional cost.


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February 12, 2011

Your wedding day can be very emotional. For perfect wedding photography, follow these Ovation Images tips!

  • Use waterproof makeup. Foundation, eyeliner and mascara all should be waterproof. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the bathroom one or more times during an emotional day–re-applying your makeup!
  • The high-end choice for makeup that will be photographed is airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup is the professional standard. The makeup you see on TV personalities today is all applied by air brush. Air brush makeup is lightweight, waterproof and gives flawless coverage.

sepia, black and white, emotional moment, candid, intimate moment, cold feet, tearing up

January 27, 2011

Ovation Images Wedding Tip #6:

Where and when are your flowers being delivered? If you want pictures with your bridesmaids before the ceremony, then you need to have the flowers delivered where you are getting ready—NOT to the church. Have the florist or a friend take the boutineers to the guys. This will ensure you get some fun flower shots- a must for all Pittsburgh Weddings!

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December 30, 2010

Every new year people make resolutions to change aspects of themselves they believe are negative. A majority of people revert back to how they were before and feel like failures. This year I challenge you to a new resolution. I challenge you to just be yourself.

~Aisha Elderwyn

bride, over the shoulder, bouquet, smile, contemporary, wedding photography

Let loose. Strike a pose. Laugh. Play. Have FUN. Be you.

Your wedding day photography should showcase who you are. At Ovation Images, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers, we focus on showing who you are as an individual and as a couple on your big day! We personalize every bit of your wedding photography experience- from a Pittsburgh Bride’s South Side engagement shoot to elegant formals in a beautiful chapel. Whoever you are, we will be sure to show it- you just worry about being you!

July 09, 2010

Who says all bridal portraits have to be formal. You aren’t boring and uptight and your wedding photography shouldn’t be either! Let Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers, Ovation Images, show off your personality on your wedding day!!


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kiss, fun, bridal party

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