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January 21, 2013

One of the many exciting things you can do with your gorgeous Ovation Images engagement photography is create delightful and memorable save-the-date cards. Engagement Photography at your choice of location is included with every Ovation Images wedding photography package specifically because the pictures are so useful–and fun! Here’s what you need to know about save-the-dates:

  • When do I send out save the date cards? Five months before your wedding date is about right for people that need to make travel plans–especially if your wedding is on a holiday weekend.
  • What if I don’t have my guest list ready five months ahead of time? This is a problem because you could end up sending save-the-dates out to people who later can’t be invited because you have maxed out your space. So you pretty much have to have your guest list done in order to send out your save-the-dates.
  • Is there a formal structure for save-the-date cards? No. The formal structure comes in when you send your invitations. Have fun with your save-the-dates! Send them something they will want to keep up even after your wedding!
  • Do I want cards or magnets? Cards are less expensive but magnets have become popular. Check the price difference before deciding.
  • Can I use my engagement photos on my cards or magnets? If they are Ovation Images photos, the answer is yes–regardless of whether we supply the cards or magnets or you get them elsewhere. With other photographers the answer may not be so clear–check with them.
  • How do I design my cards? You can pay a designer or do them yourself online on any number of web sites. With Ovation Images, you have the option of using our designer to custom-design your cards or magnets at no charge, provided that you purchase the cards or magnets from us. Ovation Images custom-designed save-the-date cards and magnets are designed to your exact specifications. You work directly with our designer to get the card you want–even coordinated with your wedding colors if desired! The only limitation is that you must buy the cards and magnets from Ovation Images if we design them.

Here are two examples of Ovation Images custom-design save-the-dates:

Custom designed purple save the date cards Custom designed save the date cards