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August 11, 2011
Here are a few quick tips on wedding day make up from Ovation Images, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers. Follow these and you will be picture perfect for your big day wedding photos!!
  • Have your makeup applied (and your hair done) as a test sometime in the month before your wedding. This gives you a chance to guide your makeup artist and hair stylist without any time pressure so they know exactly what you want before you show up on your wedding day. This dry run test will often save time, anxiety and confusion!
  • Schedule your hair and makeup as late in the day as possible. It’s a long day and your hair and makeup have to go a long way. If you have your hair done early in the morning, it is likely that it will not stay the way you would wish for the whole day.
  • Don’t use any glitter. It reflects light in distracting sparkles that are impossible to tell from tiny beads of shiny sweat. Glitter sparkles just have to be removed from your photographs, often at additional cost.


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