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October 08, 2012

Every Ovation Images couple has engagement photography included as part of their wedding photography package. The things you can do with your engagement pictures are only limited by your imagination. Here is one example–our straight-up classy Reception Guest Book.. Have a look at this gorgeous wedding day option!

Your Ovation Images Reception Guest Book is big–10 inches square–so the pictures are big and bold! The spine and back cover are genuine top-grain cowhide leather in your choice of 12 colors. You pick the images that go inside the book and one special image for the front cover. We lay out a book design with lots of white space around each image for guest signatures and best wishes. The overall look of the book is stunning.

Beyond the wonderful pictures inside, another reason our Reception Guest Book is so impressive is that the build-quality is superb. The cover image and leather just sparkle, and have excellent durability. The page binding is extra-strength–and yet the book will lay flat for signing! The cover image is glossy-finish, while the pages are matte-finish. Each thick, matte-board page can be signed with any ball-point pen.

Your Guest Book is a work of art that will stand proudly on its own–or be a delightful companion to your wedding album!. Your Guests will truly enjoy paging through this artistic look at your engagement pictures!  Ask us for more ideas about how to use your engagement photography around your home and on your wedding day!

personalized wedding guestbook featuring the couples engagement photo on the cover of the book.

personalized wedding guestbook featuring the couples engagement photo on the cover of the book.

Pages opened on a personalized wedding guestbook featuring the couples engagement photo on the interior pages.

Pages opened on a personalized wedding guestbook featuring the couples engagement photo on the interior pages.

Pages opened on a personalized wedding guestbook featuring the couples engagement photo on the interior pages.

May 16, 2012

Table numbers are a necessity at any wedding, but who says they just have to be plain old numbers? Intrigue  your guests with this enchanting table number ideas:

  • Place of photo of each of you, where your age in the photo corresponds with the table number, on each table. You’re guests will get to see cute, and maybe even embarrassing, photos of you two at every age. Be aware though this might prompt the age old question…. “So when are you having kids?”
  • Instead of numbers, give each table a name. Customize the words to the theme of your wedding: trees and flowers for a country wedding, rock stars and band names for a hip urban wedding, street names from your hometown, or even places that you two have visited together!
  • Enjoy vino? We do! Chances are your guests will too. Make custom labels for wine bottles that display the table number. Then, put multiple types of wine (all with the same table number) on each table for your guests to enjoy!
  • If you want to use numbers, jazz it up by giving the number a meaning! Under each number write a fact about you and your fiance that relates to that number. For example,  “Table 4: the date in April that we met”,  or “Table 10: the number of dates we went on before we said ‘I love you’”
  • Use photos from your engagement session with each table number. It is a great way to show off your engagement photography!

May 01, 2012

Guestbooks are a great way to help you look back and remember who you celebrated your wedding day with. All to often though, they get packed away and rarely looked at. Don’t let this happen to you! Check out some of these great guest book ideas that will give your wedding a unique flare!

  • Set out five or more bottles of wine and have your guests sign them instead of a traditional guestbook. They can use paint markers to sign right on the bottle or print a customized label for them to sign on. Then, share a bottle each year on your anniversary and reminisce about the great times you had on your wedding day with those who love you the most!
  • Are you and your better half big music fans? Have guests sign on old records with paint markers then display them in your house as wall art. You will be reminded daily of those who rocked your wedding with you! You could even have them sign a guitar, drum head, or sheet music for the same effect!
  • Love is fun… and games? Have your guest sign jenga blocks or the back of a wooden puzzle pieces so every time you play you will be reminded of who was there when you married your perfect match. Bonus points if the wooden puzzle is one of your engagement photos that the guests can help put together after they sign the back of their piece!
  • Most Pittsburgher’s would agree: sports are number one in the burgh’! Show your true black and gold spirit by having your guests sign a custom jersey featuring your new last name and the date on which you are getting married!
  • Build your family tree! Frame a large drawing of a tree trunk and limbs, without leaves, for your guests to “sign” using their finger prints. Have your guests use multiple shades of green ink to stamp their fingerprint on the drawing to create the look of leaves. Then display the artwork  in your home- it will look like art but will be a constant reminder of your wedding day!  If you are having a spring wedding, use pink ink to create cherry  blossom trees, while orange, red, and yellow ink would be perfect for a fall wedding. Just be sure to leave baby wipes out so your guests can clean their hands after they are done creating your masterpiece!
If you want to go the more traditional route,check out this custom guestbook from Ovation Images.  Contact us to set up a meeting and check out all that we offer!
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