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January 02, 2013

Planning your wedding? As you know by now, the devil lurks in the details. Your wedding florist may need some guidance to avoid flowering foolishness. Here are four problems that we want to help you avoid. At Ovation Images, we have unfortunately seen all of these issues dozens of times.

1. Delivery: “All flowers go to the church” does not work if you want pictures with your girls before your ceremony. In that case, you will need the girls bouquets and yours with you wherever you are getting ready. Insist on it.
2. Arrangement Choices: A florist that specializes in weddings and events will have a MUCH larger selection of arrangements and options than a regular neighborhood florist. Talk with your local specialist and you will immediately notice the difference.
3. Boutineer Whoops: Who pins on the boutineers? If your florist won’t be there, make sure they train someone in advance to correctly pin on the boutineers SO THAT THEY STAY PUT. Thee is nothing worse than stepping onto the dance floor with your new husband and realizing that he is dancing with you with his boutineer hanging upside down!
4. No Head Table Vases. Flowers have to lay down on the head table, not stand tall. Anything standing tall in front of you will interfere with your guests seeing your reactions to your toasts, seeing you kissing when they tap their glasses, and those tall vases will ruin all your pictures at the head table. You do not want any floral vases at your head table.
flower bouquets with peacock feathers