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January 21, 2011

We all wear makeup, but did you know that there are some important guidelines when it comes to wedding day makeup? To look your best on wedding day check out some of the tips from Ovation Images, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers, on what exactly makes photography perfect makeup!

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  • Try to use a professional makeup artist if at all possible or do your makeup yourself. Our experience is that having a friend or relative do your makeup is not the best choice unless he or she is a professional and you have worked with them before.
  • Please tell your makeup person not to use Bare Essentials or Bare Elegance brand makeup– or any makeup containing titanium dioxide. Titanium Dioxide is a sun-blocking agent that is too shiny in many photographs. There are brands of makeup specifically made for photography. Ask your makeup artist or check with Ovation Images if they are unsure about which make up brands are best for photography.
  • Have your makeup artist use a moisturizing concealer under your eyes. When professionally applied, concealer will be the perfect complement to your eye makeup.