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Your reception should be full of fun and smiles! Make sure this happens by starting it off with a picture perfect entrance by following these tips from Ovation Images, Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

  • Have the DJ tell everyone to twirl their napkins over their heads (like Terrible Towels!) as you make your grand entrance. 150 twirling napkins accompanied by raucous cheering will be a grand entrance you will never forget.
  • Don’t change into comfortable shoes before your grand entrance. All eyes will be on you- show off those shoes!
  • During your reception planning process, review your grand entrance path into the hall with your reception coordinator. Look at the floor plan together and try to arrange tables so that there is enough room for two people to walk in side-by-side. Ideally, the path into the room should be as straight as possible. Delegate someone not in the bridal party to make sure that tables are not crowded into the space that you have to walk through to get into the hall.



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