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January 23, 2015

Cheap Wedding Photography Is Expensive. Do you know why high-quality professional wedding photography costs more? Because it’s worth it! Thousands of couples who got married before you decided they were willing to pay more to ensure better results. And it turns out, they were right!

Why is that true? It’s true because you end up looking at your wedding pictures hundreds if not thousands of times–for many years afterward! Anything you don’t like or that you think may be missing will grind on your mind until you don’t want to look at your wedding pictures again.

Bottom line? Wedding photography is not like chair covers–or even catering! If you decide that don’t like the chair covers–no problem, because you never have to look at them again. If you don’t like the food that your caterer serves at your wedding, well you never have to taste it again. But those wedding pictures stay with you day after day, year after year–forever!

Many professional wedding planners will tell you that wedding photography is not actually a wedding “expense”. They regard it a a lifetime investment, and they often suggest you budget for your photography like an investment that you expect to pay off for years to come.

Sure you have a budget. But don’t use it like a club to scare away all the higher-quality, most-experienced wedding photographers. Be gentle and flexible when you meet with them and you will most likely be met with the same in return.

Good photographers love their clients and their work. In fact, that love is what makes their photography good! When you are choosing a photographer, focus on finding the love–and be prepared to adjust your budget. Wouldn’t you rather spend more than you had planned now to avoid that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach later EVERY TIME that you look through your wedding pictures? “Later” is too late to change it–and too late to figure out that you under-budgeted your wedding photography.

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Final Word: Invest Your Time Too! — Schedule Your Day Wisely. Your wedding photography will be better the more time you allocate to it. Likewise, it will be worse the less time you allocate to it. If you are not seeing each other before your ceremony, then you need at least 2 hours in between your ceremony and reception. No ifs, ands or “but our guests are waiting!” If they love you, they will be glad to wait–they know that this time is the only time you have to create pictures that you will share with your children’s children!  It starts to sound pretty worthwhile when you put it like that, huh? After you have made the money decision, be certain you have also allowed more than adequate time for your photography.
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