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April 09, 2013

Jeremy and Bethany,  March 23, 2013

Ceremony  held at: Heinz Chapel
Reception held at: Carnegie Music Hall 
Catered by: Parkhurst Catering
Flowers by: Lea’s Floral Shop
Cake by : Parkhurst Catering
Bride’s Dress by: J&B Bridal
Bride’s Makeup By: Jae Lee Paredes 

Jeremy and Bethany’s wedding day was full of beauty… from their venues to the details every moment was beautiful, but nothing was more beautiful than Bethany! The filled their day with some classic Pittsburgh Locations including the Heinz Chapel on the University of Pittsburgh campus and the Carnegie Music Hall Foyer, located in the Carnegie Natural History Museum. They even stopped by the classic columns at the Carnegie Mellon University  to take some photos with their bridal party. The only thing more perfect than this wonderful wedding day is the love that the couple shared for one another. Wishing you both the best and all of the happiness in the world!

wedding dress hanging in the window

diamond encrusted wedding high heels for bride

portrait of bride smiling on her wedding day

bride helping her bridesmaids with their dress

groom standing with groomsmen at the carnegie columns in pittsburgh pa

Wedding and Engagement rings tied with blue ribbon on wedding programs

wedding ceremony in heinz chapel in the cathedral of learning in pittsburgh pa

black and white photo of wedding ceremony in heinz chapel

Bridal Party casually walking down the steps at the Carnegie Columns in Pittsburgh

bride and groom first dance at carnegie music hall in pittsburgh pa

bride and groom first dance at the carnegie music hall in pittsburgh pa

bride posing with female guests  at her wedding reception

two female guests dancing at a wedding with big smiles
bride and groom dancing with guests surrounding them


July 23, 2012
Liza Donagher and Dr. Matthew Miller were married at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Oakland in July 14th. Liza and Matt smartly hired us to do a stylish bridal session at our Shadyside studio. They each got dressed exactly as they would be on their wedding day and came to the studio to be photographed. Bridal Sessions are a noble old tradition, less followed today, but still very popular in the southern USA.
For the bride, bridal sessions are a great opportunity to see how everything works together. You can use this one moment to roll together your final dress fitting, a make-up test and a run-though with your hair dresser. Liza and her future mother-in-law made a fun afternoon out of the day and we had a great time creating these wonderful images of her!
For the groom, bridal sessions are the perfect time to check your tux and shirt fit, as well as test the different accessory options, if you are using a rented tuxedo. Matt had a funny experience when he got dressed for his session. He stopped into a florist to get a boutineer made, and seeing him in his tux, they politely inquired if this was a “rush order”!!
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Liza and Matt Miller!
bride portrait in studio before wedding day
bridal portrait session in studio before wedding day
bridal portrait session in studio before wedding day
bridal portrait session in studio before wedding day
groom bridal portrait session in studio before wedding day
groom bridal portrait session in studio before wedding day
Be sure to check back soon to see photos of Matt and Liza’s Wedding!

Ovation Images Wedding Tip #40:

On the big day, let it all go. Planning is over. What’s done is done. It will all be perfect, even if it isn’t perfect—get it? In the grand scheme of things people won’t remember that dinner started 15 minutes after it was scheduled. They will remember how much fun it all was and how wonderful you both looked together.


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Planning a “Green” wedding? Check out this great tips from Ovation Images, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers. Your friends will be GREEN with envy with how amazing your wedding photos are!

  • Send save the date cards telling them to expect an e-mail with details. Then use electronic invitations!
  • What about a picnic in the park instead of a formal reception? You can put blankets out for your guest to sit on!
  • If your going really green- bike from the ceremony to the reception- and rent bikes for your guests to bike there too!


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April 24, 2011
Going Strapless? If so check out these great tips from Ovation Images, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer to make your dress, and wedding photographs, perfect…
  • If  you are going strapless, be sure to get a perfect fit—don’t short-change the fitting process or your dress will feel like it is “slipping” many times during the day.
  • Another strapless hint: Try on some gloves with your gown. Gloves are often the perfect accent for a strapless gown. And when you get tired of them, you just take them off!


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April 20, 2011

Want glamourous, high fashion, intimate wedding photography? Well Ovation Images, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers, has all the tips to help you achieve your dream wedding photography…

  • Be sure to allow an hour during your day for intimate photography of just the two of you. Of all your wedding day photography, these images are the ones that will call out to your heart forever. Your children and their children will bring smiles to your face years later as they ooh and ahh over the hot couple in the pictures.
  • A must to know about your photographer is whether or not you like being around them. If you can’t meet with the actual photographer who will show up at your door on your wedding day, then drop that company from your list. You need to know if you want to spend your whole wedding day with this person. You can’t find that out by talking to the smiling sales lady. If you are comfortable around your photographer it will make your photographs more relaxed, natural, and romantic!


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March 19, 2011

Follow these Ovation Images make up tips to look flawless like this Pittsburgh Bride!

  • Keep your lips moisturized and colored throughout the day. A bridesmaid should be carrying your lipstick and you should touch up often. Either matte or gloss lipstick is fine. You can also use blended lip liner for enhanced definition.
  • Remember to apply foundation and powder as appropriate to your neck, shoulders and exposed skin above your bust line. Otherwise, your face might have a distinctly different look from the rest of you!

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