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January 04, 2013

Your wedding hair stylist has a dirty little scheduling secret. She told you to come in at 8:30 AM so she could focus on you and your girls and you could bring some snacks and drinks and make an event out of it! Wow! What fun! Well, not exactly.  This is what she really meant to say “I want you to come in at 8:30 AM because that won’t interfere with my prime time schedule from 11-2. My goal is to get you into an early time slot that none of my other clients want and that way your wedding won’t conflict with my regular schedule.” So what happens? You get your hair done at 9:30AM for your 4PM wedding. It starts to fall out before anyone even sees you! And you have to walk around on tippy-toes all day to take care of your hair. By the time your DJ gets the dance floor jumping at at 10PM, your hair has been in for over 12 hours–and looks like it!  Well, that’s a worse case scenario for sure.  But don’t be fooled.  Be sure to set the time that best suits you and let your hair stylist plan around that. For a 4PM wedding, noon is the right time to get your hair done. For a 2PM wedding, 10AM is about right–later if you can swing it. It will still be a fun event with your girls. Only now it will be on your schedule instead of someone else’s.


bride getting her hair done before her wedding black and white photo candid moment

June 16, 2012

Jen and Matt,  June 9, 2012:

Ceremony held at: Seton Hill University Chapel
Reception at: Greensburg Country Club
Limo Services from: Elite Coach Transportation 
Wedding Dress from: David’s Bridal
Bride’s Hair By: Studio 30
Bride’s Makeup By: Allison Roth
Flowers Arranged by: Bloomin’ Genius
Wedding Cake by: Pastor’s Bakery

Jen and Matt had a gorgeous June wedding! They could not have picked more picturesque locations than the Seton Hill University Chapel and Greensburg Country Club– it was so hard to resist posting every single one of their wedding photos! These few photos will have to do to show you the love between these two, some of the prettiest wedding locations in Pittsburgh, and one heck of an awesome party!

glamourous bride getting ready

bride getting ready for wedding

emotional moment between bride and her father

Jen’s dad was very emotional on her wedding day, but who can blame him when he was giving away such an amazing woman?

flower girls and ring bearer in seton hill university chapel

wedding ceremony at seton hill chapel in greensburg pa

Seton Hill University Chapel is easily one of the prettiest chapels in Pittsburgh! Booking this venue was a no brainer for Seton Hill grad, Jen!

black and white wedding ceremony photo

couple exchanging rings at seton hill chapel in greensburg pa

close up shot of wedding bands resting in a pussy willow tree

groom and groomsmen on waterfall in pittsburgh pa

wedding party abby road imitation at seton hill university

bride and groom in flower field

bride and groom celebrating in the street

romantic sunset wedding photography

bride and groom in golden sunset at greensburg country club

bridal party celebrating in limo in pittsburgh pa

bride mom and grandma at wedding

Jen’s grandma was crazy with joy for Jen and Matt and helped make the party big fun!


swirl design wedding cake pittsburgh pa

groom dropped cake down brides dress

greensburg country club wedding reception

guests celebration garder retrieval at greensburg country club

groom leaving reception with bride over shoulders

 Matt and Jen, we would like to extend our sincerest thank you for allowing us to be a part of your magical day! You two could not have been more fun to shoot and we loved your wedding. We hope that you two have a lifetime full of happiness together. Best Wishes!

June 02, 2012

Autumn & Adam, May 26th, 2012:

Ceremony Preformed at: St. Barbara’s Roman Catholic Church
Reception held at: The Harrison Room
Wedding Catered by: Jaden’s Catering
Bride’s Dress By: Bridal Beginnings

Autumn and Adam had a wonderful spring wedding last weekend. They even braved the heat to get some beautiful outdoor shots at Bushy Run Battlefield before heading over to their reception at The Harrison Room in Harrison City, Pa.  Their wedding day was full of love, happiness, and a lot of fun. Just check out the huge smiles these two, and all of their guests, were sporting all day long!

bride and dad laughing before going down the aisle in pittsburgh pa

Groom's dad fixing his tie before the cermony

Bride and groom at alter in front of beautiful stained glass window

Pittsburgh Bride in front of stained glass window

silhouette  of bride and groom kissing with clothing details revealed

fun bridal party dancing portrait in the woods

portrait of  bride with flowing train in woods

black and white photo of bride and groom walking through the woods in pittsburgh pa

groom carrying bride onto dance floor at reception

black and white photo of groom feeding cake to bride in pittsburgh pa

bride dancing with ring bearer at her reception

wedding guest portrait with kids

bridal party getting money dance ready and making funny faces

wedding rings close up on colorful gumballs

bride and groom intimate moment during firs dance

Wishing you both years of happiness and a lifetime of love! Thank you for letting us share in your beautiful day!

May 13, 2012

Everyone at Ovation Images, Pittsburgh’s Premier Wedding Photographers, would like to wish you and yours a very happy Mother’s Day! So be sure to take time out today to tell mom why you love her so much. We know we love the mothers of our couples for so many reasons, but mostly because you created the beautiful children that we get to photograph on one of the biggest days of their lives! So thank you to all of the moms out there who have loved unconditionally, picked up the pieces when things were going wrong, and chose to take on the hardest job out there- being a mom!

Mom helping bride attach her veil before her wedding in pittsburgh pa

December 06, 2011

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.


black and white wedding photo, bride and groom, kissing silhouette,


Ovation Images, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers, will capture the most intimate moments of your wedding day so that you can cherish them for the rest of your life, together, as one.

November 04, 2011

Ovation Images, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer, Wedding Tip #71:

Ask your parents and bridal party not to video tape during the ceremony and reception. Otherwise the only pictures you will have of them will be ones where they are holding a video camera in front of their face! And you wouldn’t want to miss a great wedding day moment like this…

parents of the bride, candid wedding photo, pittsburgh wedding photography, intimate moment, cute wedding photography, nose to nose, surprise, child at heart, the big day, pre ceremony wedding photogrpahy


October 02, 2011

To get breathtaking wedding photography like this you really need to get to know your wedding photographer. Ovation Images, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers, offers some tips to help!

  • Check with your photographer about whether other wedding vendors are allowed to take and display pictures of your wedding. Many photographers do not allow any other paid professionals, such as your DJ, to take pictures at your wedding. Just asking this question can avoid a conflict later.
  • When you are choosing your photographer, ask each of them how they feel about your family and guests taking pictures at your wedding. Their reaction to this question can tell you a lot about whether they will be flexible and fun on your wedding day.


black and white wedding photography, pittsburgh art museum, carnegie music hall pittsburgh, drama, fashion wedding photogrpahy

August 11, 2011
Here are a few quick tips on wedding day make up from Ovation Images, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers. Follow these and you will be picture perfect for your big day wedding photos!!
  • Have your makeup applied (and your hair done) as a test sometime in the month before your wedding. This gives you a chance to guide your makeup artist and hair stylist without any time pressure so they know exactly what you want before you show up on your wedding day. This dry run test will often save time, anxiety and confusion!
  • Schedule your hair and makeup as late in the day as possible. It’s a long day and your hair and makeup have to go a long way. If you have your hair done early in the morning, it is likely that it will not stay the way you would wish for the whole day.
  • Don’t use any glitter. It reflects light in distracting sparkles that are impossible to tell from tiny beads of shiny sweat. Glitter sparkles just have to be removed from your photographs, often at additional cost.


black and white wedding photography, profile portrait, pittsburgh wedding photography, wedding smiles, big wedding veil, italian bride

Planning a wedding takes a lot of work! You and your fiance will need to work together and stay organized to make the process go smoothly and your wedding day flawless. Just in case you need a little bit of extra help, here are some of Ovation Images, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers, best wedding planning tips:

  • Stay organized. Create a binder or album where you can keep your accumulation of information, pictures and inspiration. This will help you avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed. It will also become a cherished keepsake!
  • Do all of your planning as early as possible. Otherwise, it piles up and becomes work. Early planning also gives you some time to work out budget issues.
  • Don’t make wedding planning into work. Do what you can when it is fun and then take a break from it. Go out on the town with the girls. Take your fiancé to a place he loves– maybe it’s a sports event, a favorite restaurant, or even just home with a good movie and good cuddling

black and white, couple hugging, engagement, lake, ocean, water, beach

April 08, 2011
Pick your Pittsburgh Wedding photographer for their photography first. Make sure you LOVE their work. “Like” isn’t good enough. Why? Because right now, while you are planning your wedding, you are seeing it in your mind’s eye as a perfect day—a “dream wedding day”. After your wedding, your pictures have to be better than ordinary in order to live up to your “dream wedding” expectations. Think about it.
So if you LOVE Ovation Images work, give us a call!

silhouette, kiss, drama,

March 14, 2011
Ask your photographer to take some romantic pictures of the two of you after dark. 15 minutes out of the hall and away from the hustle and bustle will be a nice break and provide a lifetime of romantic memories. At Ovation Images, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers,  we love to create dark, intimate pictures so we always ask our brides and grooms to work with us after sunset.

black and white, shadows, silhouette, kiss, pittsburgh bride and groom

February 18, 2011
Wedding Tips Number # 11:
Heels may look good, but they sure can hurt! Our Pittsburgh Brides often bring a second pair of shoes for the reception, but be sure to  keep your heels with you even after you have switched shoes. You may want them for wedding pictures, dances, or just for looks!

shoes, high heels, close up , high heels, getting dressed