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December 08, 2012

John and Kerri are a fun couple, and we had a blast shooting their engagement session as the sun went down over the enchanting city of Pittsburgh! We took them to some of our favorite spots in the Southside, and they took us to some of theirs- like Jack’s bar  on E. Carson Street. Check out these fun photos taken after dark in the city!

couple sitting at a bar laughing

couple kissing inside a bar photo taken from outside, jacks bar in pittsburgh's south side

couple walking down a city street in pittsburgh's southside, laughing and holding hands

couple looking into each others eyes on pittsburgh bridge during sunset with with river and city behind them

couple kissing with big steel beam behind them, interesting angle, pittsburgh bridge

purple and yellow themed image of couple kissing in a doorway in an alley

couple hugging sitting on lit staircase

couple standing on lit staircase when it is completely dark outside