April 05, 2014

Wedding Tradition Trivia – Win Free Prints!

So you’ve been at this wedding planning business for some time now and you really know your stuff! At Ovation Images, we have a healthy respect for wedding traditions–as over 420 satisfied couples will testify! Test your knowledge against our experience! Answer all these questions correctly and we will give you 8 FREE 8×10 prints from your wedding photography files–any files from any photographer!
Ready? Go for it!

1. Why does the bride stand to the left of the groom?
2. Why do the bride and her maids carry flowers?
3. Why is it supposed to be “bad luck” to see each other before your wedding ceremony?
4. Which ancient goddess is the reason so many brides want to get married in June?
5. Who started (or popularized) the tradition of brides wearing a white dress?
6. What was the original purpose of having a bridal party and how did they do that?
7. The traditional flavoring of the groom’s cake is?
Easy 8. Rain is considered good luck on the wedding day in many cultures. Name one reason why.

(Our official source for the relevant information behind each of these questions is the editors of BRIDE’S Magazine. )

Ovation Images' Brides Are Always Smiling

Ovation Images’ Brides Are Always Smiling

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