February 25, 2012

You’re Engaged! Now What? Part 10 of 30: Wedding Photography: Your Parachute. Photography is your wedding day parachute. Make sure it opens!

Your Wedding Photography Parachute

Expenses are piling up and you’ve already spent more than you want to. But keep this important fact in mind: Budget wedding photography is about as risky a decision as you could ever make. It’s extremely chancy to skimp on something that you will use for the rest of your life—but you can never get a different one!  It’s the same as negotiating a discount with someone to pack your parachute and then going skydiving–the money you saved won’t mean a thing if that chute doesn’t open.

June and October are the two most popular months for weddings .Weddings are like a clothing outfit —  everything has to go together. You can’t pick a rock-star summer or early fall wedding date and  then  budget bargain-basement wedding photography. Those two choices just don’t go together.

Great photography is cheap wedding day insurance. Guard your photography budget like a skydiver checking her chute before getting into the plane. Be certain that your parachute will get you safely on the ground. It is far better to spend more that you had planned than to look at those pictures afterward and wish you had spent more. That is the very definition of heartbreak.

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