February 28, 2012

10 funny reason you just have to have great wedding photography…

May I have the drum roll please….!

Number 10: Great wedding caricatures take too long to draw.

Number 9: Lousy wedding photography is only funny when it’s somebody else’s.

Number 8: Everyone is going to have such a good time that they won’t remember the party!

Number 7: You got into that dress and you’re going to walk away with proof!

Number 6: The only other pictures you have of your fiancé feature beer and the peace sign.

Number 5: You need to show everyone that your colors were NOT orange and green damnit! –they were tangerine and avocado.

Number 4: Because nobody on Craig’s List is allowed anywhere NEAR your wedding.

Number 3: You know the day will zoom by in a blur, so the pictures have to be sharp!

Number 2: You let your aunt sing, your mom bake, your nephew play cello, your brother speak, and your fiance’s mom sew tiny little fuscia ring pillows — PLUS your sister got her way with the bridesmaid’s dresses, and your fiancé is wearing a kilt.  The photography is YOURS!

….and the Number One reason why you want great wedding photography:


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