February 11, 2012

You’re Engaged! Now What? Part 4 of 30: Shopping With A Plan.  There are good reasons to shop for some vendors before others!

You're Engaged! Now What? Part 4 of 30

At this point, you realize that the availability of your church and reception venue is a big factor in selecting your wedding date (see Part 1 here: http://ovationimages.com/2012/02/08/youre-engaged-now-what-part-1-of-30-its-all-about-the-date/). Well, okay—once you have your church and reception venue locked up, now what? Go dress shopping, right? WRONG!

Some wedding vendors can only do one wedding on the date you select. So if you love the photographer who did your best friend’s wedding pictures, call them now! If someone else gets there first, then you have to go shopping for photographers because they can only do one wedding on any given day. This is also true for good DJs, bands and videographers. On any given day, your favorite band can only play one gig. So if your band is high on your priority list, call them the very next minute after you sign the contract with your reception venue!

What about caterer, cake, florist and so forth? Well, actually they can and at the height of wedding season, they usually do serve 4, 5 or more weddings on a given day. So you can still get the ones you want later.  There is no need to be in a big rush.

Going back to our very first posting in this series about selecting a date, remember that from May through October, competition for the best services on a Saturday will be an issue. Your timing can make all the difference between getting exactly what you want and settling for less.  From November through April and on Fridays and Sundays, there are fewer weddings, so there is less competition for quality wedding services. In fact. Many vendors offer discounts for non-Saturday and off-season weddings for that very reason.

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