January 05, 2015

Your Best Wedding Day Schedule

Wedding Day Scheduling Tips

You’re ENGAGED! Now what? Time to make plans! As Pittsburgh’s most-experienced and trusted wedding photographers, we have learned that wedding day scheduling is critical to what we can deliver for you. On your wedding day, when things run late and time is pressing, the first thing to be cut will be photography—guaranteed. Here are some common wedding day time traps and what to do to avoid them.

Get your flowers delivered to where you are getting ready. If you do this, the formal photography of you and your bridesmaids can be done before your ceremony. Otherwise, that time has to be taken from the time in between the ceremony and reception. Simple thing—big impact on your schedule.

Find out when the next event is scheduled at your church. Make sure we have 30 minutes at the altar to do ALL your family and bridal party formal pictures. Putting these off until later is a bad plan because it will take longer to get everyone together later. Instead, grab them all before they leave and get your formal pictures done in that 30 minutes.

Make sure your limo is reserved long enough. So you’ve allocated two hours in between your ceremony and reception to go to the park and have some intimate fun with your paparazzi (us) in tow. Make sure the limo is reserved long enough to include all that time. If you allowed 4:30 to 6:30 for the fun, be certain that the limo isn’t going to turn into a pumpkin at 5:30!

These tips are taken from the Ovation Images  Wedding Day Timing Guide that all of our clients receive. This Guide is just one of the many helpful Guides that are part of our total commitment to our clients.

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