January 12, 2015

Wonderful Wedding Reception Service

FOUR: This is our fourth and final posting related to the biggest wedding day decision you have to make—your reception venue selection.  Most wedding reception venues will offer a package of wedding services or a selection of packages to choose from. These are well worth the time to consider in detail on the basis of price alone. But don’t stop there.

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Some of the packaged services come bundled in such a way that your flexibility to customize your wedding becomes limited. In other cases, the bundled food and/or liquor may not fit your vision. Check the liquor service hours. Get it into the details—like “do the bars stay open during dinner?” “Can my fiance’s Aunt have a table for the Groom’s Cake she is going to bake?”, “Is there a cake cutting charge?” And so on.

The point is that the details will end up making a difference. It is impossible to list all the exception cases we have seen. But keep your antennas up for extra charges for customization that you want to do for your reception—even subtracting a service  or changing your schedule can result in extra charges. You simply cannot ask too many questions when it comes to your reception venue service package. So have your questions ready and get some sense of how flexible your venue is going to be when the inevitable changes to the plan are necessary.

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