January 26, 2015

Who Will You Be With On Your Wedding Day?  Who will you spend the most time with on your wedding day?  The answer might surprise you.

Your Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer is Your Constant Wedding Day Companion

Going in to your wedding day, with the possible exception of your maid of honor, the person you will spend the most time with on your wedding day is none other than….(wait for it)….your photographer! In these days when candid story-telling is the most popular form of wedding photography, your photographers might start by meeting you at your hair salon and end by joining in your circle of friends at your last dance. In order to tell your story, they can never leave your side!

The point is that it is important to actually know the person who will show up at your door. Be sure you have a  chance to get to know them before your wedding.  This is one reason that Pittsburgh’s Most Trusted Wedding Photographer, Ovation Images, always encourages couples to do an engagement session with us.

Wedding pictures that you love are personal.  How could it be otherwise?  Be certain that  you get a photographer that you WANT to have around all day long. They need to be sensitive enough to stay in the background at the right times, and diplomatic enough to make friends with your guests, while taking charge during your hectic family pictures. They need to know you well enough to know that what you’re going to want goes WAY beyond what you actually asked for. Your photographer will be your constant companion on your big day.  So be sure to pick the right person to spend your wedding day with!

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