February 04, 2013
More savings tips from Ovation Images brides and grooms…
4. DJ or Band Tip: If you book through an agency or service, they will have a rate schedule and they will stick to it. Instead, locate your desired DJ or band on the web and contact them directly. If they have your date open, ask for a discount. The DJ or band leader is often empowered to give discounts that the booking agency cannot or will not give.
5. Limo Tip: (Sit Down Before Reading This One!!) Call a funeral home! Funeral homes have limos sitting around unused on many Saturdays and they hire them out at rates that a limo service cannot match. It may take some nerve to call. But it could save you hundreds of dollars on your limo.
6. Wedding Bands: This should be obvious. Don’t let a jeweler sell you on 24 karat gold or premium platinum. Get 14K gold wedding bands or go for one of the new gorgeous modern metals available like tungsten or cobalt, they hold their shine virtually forever and save you money.
Coming in Part 3: The Savings Is In The Details
bridal party toasting in limo