January 10, 2015

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Combined: Indoor? Outdoor? Ceremony and reception in the same location? Lions and Tigers and wedding vows, oh my!

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TWO: This is our second posting related to reception venue selection. (see the first one HERE). Two of the biggest questions you should ask yourself about locations and reception venues are: 1. Can I have my ceremony and reception at the same location?, and 2. Can this location or can my reception location be outdoors?

If your family has strong ties to a local church, or if you want a specific minister who only works at one church or parish, then obviously you will want to use that church. Otherwise, having your ceremony and reception at the same location has worthwhile advantages including no limousine expense and no travel time in between. Staying in one place is also a big convenience to your guests. Many country clubs have great accomodations for indoor and outdoor ceremonies, as well as beautiful reception banquet halls. If you are not tied to a specific church, give some thought to combining your locations into one.

To the North of Pittsburgh, one venue that brings together the best qualities of a combined ceremony and reception location and can accommodate weddings of almost any size, is The Chadwick (you can see a slideshow of a combined Chadwick wedding and reception HERE). To the South of Pittsburgh there is also a really impressive combined ceremony and reception location for weddings with 100 guests or fewer, Hyholde.

What about an outdoor event? The poets have referred to the great outdoors as “God’s Cathedral.” If you have ever been to an outdoor wedding under blue skies on a beautiful, sunny day, then you know how gorgeous and romantic an outdoor wedding can be. Obviously, the weather is the questionmark. But every outdoor venue will have a rain alternative—a covered area that you can use in a pinch. Equally attractive, outdoor venues are often less costly than a traditional church and reception banquet hall wedding. If it appeals to you, you should give some thought to an outdoor wedding. Here is an OvationImages.com example of how marvelous an outdoor wedding and reception in the same location can make your wedding day: http://ovationimages.com/2011/02/09/pittsburgh-wedding-and-reception-at-shady-elms-farm/

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