February 02, 2013

In 11+ years, Ovation Images has photographed over 400 weddings. We are lucky enough to get to know our couples quite well through our meetings and engagement session, plus the wedding and all the follow-up!  Many of our brides from five years ago keep in touch with us through facebook. That is part of what makes our work so rewarding. So it should come as no surprise that we’ve had a thousand discussions with our couples about how they’ve saved money on their wedding–or how they’ve tried to save, or how they didn’t-save-and-wished-they-had! Let us pass along some of the wedding dollars saving ideas we have heard….

Part 1: The Three Big Ticket Items
Discuss saving money on wedding expenses with almost anyone who has been there, and three common threads will definitely come up….
1. Number of Guests. The biggest single impact you can have on the cost of your wedding is controlling your guest list. Unfortunately, many couples consider this to be out of their control. Others booked smaller venues specifically so they could tell uninvited guests that the guest list had to be severely constrained to fit the venue. If you can get away with a strict guest limit, your wedding will cost less–that is guaranteed savings.
2. Non-Saturday Wedding: Every wedding vendor offers discounts for non-Saturday weddings. Even posh downtown reception venues will have a 33% or more discount on their event service for non-Saturday weddings. Memorial Day and Labor Day Fridays and Sundays are surefire dates that will leave more money in your bank account.
3. Know Your Priorities. Get any wedding planner book you want, review the services listed and rank them 1-2-3-4-etc. Be prepared to spend more than you planned on 1, 2 and 3 and be equally prepared to eliminate 9, 10 and 11 to pay for the increase. Sticking to a budget only works if you have your priorities clearly in focus (Ovation Images’ obligatory photography pun!).
Coming in Part 2: Wedding Savings You can Count On!
photo of the pennsylvanian set up for a large wedding, by Ovation Images, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers