February 05, 2013
One more batch of bold savings tips from previous Ovation Images brides and grooms…
7. Accessorize Carefully. All those accessories add up. Your bridal shop will parade a whole lineup of “necessary” accessories in front of you after you have selected your gown. And maybe some of them are necessary. But that shop is unlikely to have the best prices on them. Shop around.
8. Skip The Favors. The guests who take them home often throw them in a drawer and they are never seen again until the yard sale. Look around at the end of any weddings you attend as a guest and notice the number of favors left sitting on the empty tables.  Unless your favors are incredibly useful or delicious, it’s a good bet you can skip them as an overpriced table decoration.
9. Consign Your Dress. Many of you reading this will HATE this one…. As soon as possible after your wedding, take your dress to a consignment shop and pocket the cash from the sale. GASP! NO! My daughter will wear that dress! As one of our brides succinctly put it “Get real–no she won’t!” What are the chances that it will fit her? Or still be anything close to in-style? Or that it will still be in good enough condition to be worn 27 years from now?  If you want to save your dress and preserve the memory of how you felt wearing it that day, tell your photographer that you want to allocate extra time to get lots of pictures that feature you in your dress! Or better yet — schedule a pre-wedding or post-wedding “Bridal Session” with your photographer to capture you in all of your finery–hair and make-up–the works. Your photographer will use that session to create timeless images that your daughter and your daughter’s daughter will definitely want to hang on their walls.  That is the very best way to “save your dress” for her!
This concludes the Ovation Images blog post series on Saving Wedding Dollars. We hope you have found these suggestions from our past couples helpful!
bride standing in front of a large stained glass window