March 12, 2014

The Five Rules For Buying Wedding Photography (Part 2)
by Don Merz, Ovation Images (Pittsburgh’s Most-Trusted Wedding Photographer Since 2001)

(Part 2 of 2: We didn’t make these rules. After photographing 500+ weddings, we just know what they are…)
Ovation Images Rule 3: Don’t Be Cheap. Do you know why quality professional wedding photography is expensive? Because it’s worth it! Thousands of couples who got married before you decided they were willing to pay more to ensure better results. And it turns out, they were right. Sure you have a budget. But don’t use it like a club to scare away all the quality photographers. Be gentle and flexible and you will be met with the same in return. Good photographers love their clients and their work. In fact, that love is what makes their photography good! When you are choosing a photographer, focus on finding the love–and be prepared to adjust your budget. Wouldn’t you rather spend more than you had planned now to avoid that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach later when you look at your wedding pictures? “Later” is too late to change it–and too late to figure out that you under-budgeted your wedding photography.
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Ovation Images Rule 4. Schedule Your Day Wisely. Your wedding photography will be better the more time you allocate to it. Likewise, it will be worse the less time you allocate to it. If you are not seeing each other before your ceremony, then you need at least 2 hours in between your ceremony and reception. No ifs, ands or “but our guests are waiting!” If they love you, they will be glad to wait–they know that this time is the only time you have to create pictures that you will share with your children’s children!  It starts to sound pretty worthwhile when you put it like that, huh? Be certain you have allowed more than adequate time for your photography.
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Ovation Images Rule 5. Have Fun and Be Fun. Planning your wedding may have been stressful. But now it is time to be “in the moment” and put all that behind you. Don’t check up on the details. Delegate everything to someone else. Don’t answer or even carry your phone. Don’t wear a watch. Sing in the shower and start the day off right! On this one day of all days, be the shining star you were meant to be. All your friends and family will reflect your glow back at you…..Everybody looks better in pictures when they are having fun! It’s going to be a truly once-in-a-lifetime day!
Ovation Images‘  Rules one and two for buying great wedding photography are here in the PREVIOUS POST.
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