March 12, 2014

The Five Rules For Buying Wedding Photography (Part 1)
by Don Merz, Ovation Images (Pittsburgh’s Most-Trusted Wedding Photographer Since 2001)

(Part 1 of 2: We didn’t make these rules. After photographing 500+ weddings, we just know what they are…)
Ovation Images Rule 1. Know What You Like. An hour of web surfing will uncover many different styles of photography. Do you like fashion? Well, fashion photography is posed photography. So you need a photographer who is good at posing. You like story-telling pictures? Candid story telling is the core of most wedding photography–so make sure you like the way your photographer shoots candids. The way to be sure is to ask to see a complete wedding–not just the highlights. If you like formal-looking, timeless portraits, then hire a photographer who runs a real brick-and-mortar portrait studio. Studio photographers are the best at achieving the classic, timeless look. Don’t meet with any photographers until you have surfed enough to know what you like.
groomsmen getting ready for the ceremony, gray tuxedo, gray and purple wedding by

“I think we’re ready….” by

Ovation Images Rule 2. Know Who You Like. This is where being a bridesmaid and/or attending lots of your friends’ weddings and your cousins’ weddings will pay off. (Hopefully you were paying attention!)….and you had at least a few chances to see their photographers in action. Which ones behaved in ways that you liked? What did they do that the bride and groom enjoyed? Did you notice the photographer a lot during the day? Was that a good thing or a bad thing? Did they cause any delay during the day? What did they wear? Did you notice their professional approach? Or lack thereof? Make some notes, and when you meet with photographers ask them what their personal style is on the wedding day. Ask them what they do when people stand in the aisle in front of them taking pictures on their phones. Ask them if your friends and family are allowed to take pictures. Don’t be shy–make sure you understand how they will behave. It’s important because you will be spending all day with your photographers!
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“I didn’t know you could dance!” by

Ovation Images‘ Rules three, four and five for buying great wedding photography are here in the NEXT POST.
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