August 31, 2013

 Congratulations Craig & Danielle– Married August 18, 2013!

Ceremony held at: Heinz Chapel
Reception and Catering by: SNPJ Lodge 106
Catering by: PJ’s Catering 
Cake by : Grahams Bakery 
Bride’s Hair and Makeup by: Belissama Hair Studio 
Transportation by: Shamrock Limousine

 Craig and Danielle had a beautiful August wedding!  After a stunning ceremony at Heinz chapel, they headed off to a picturesque waterfall for wedding photos.  Then they danced the night away at a super fun reception. If you look closely, you’ll find another Ovation Images bride and groom in attendance!  We had a great time sharing in Craig and Danielle’s wedding day!  Thank you both so much for allowing us to capture the love that you share! Best of luck for a long happy marriage!!  Congratulations!!

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bridesmaid helping the bride to put on her garter

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